Wine list


ARTE VINI spol. s r.o., region Moravia, sub-region Znojmo. ARTE VINI focuses on wines of superior quality that continue the best traditions of Moravian viniculture and wine-growing.


GREEN – Grüner Veltliner 2011, dry

0.75l CZK 199
0.1 l CZK31

This wine is characterized by its aroma of fresh apples and exotic fruits;it is of light texture yet unmistakable. Pleasantly fresh nose; white pepper spiciness typical for Veltlineron the palate. A spicy Veltliner for various occassion – an ideal accompaniment to a number of meals, as an aperitiv or just by itself.

Contents:12% alc.; 6.5g/l acids and 2.0g/l sugar.


PINK – Zweigeltrebe 2011, dry

0.75 l CZK 199
0.1 l CZK 33

Delicate, fruity nose of wild berries and cherries, just a decent hint of spice, both fresh and fruity on the palate and delightfully full-bodied at the same time.

Contents: 12.5% alc.; 6,5g/l acids and 6.0g/l sugar.

RED – Zweigeltrebe, 2009, dry

0.75 l CZK 199
0.1 l CZK 33

With the characteristic sparkful red colour, clear and distinct nose of cherries. The taste is straightforward with balanced acidity, pleasantly succulent. The overall impression is harmony. Typical South-Moravian wine with a finely mineral taste and a spicy finish.

Contents: 12.5% alc.; 6.0g/l acids and4.0g/l residual sugar.



RR – Rieslink, 2011, dry

0.75 l CZK 299

This Rieslink with a delicate flowery, peach nose and a marked mineral characteristic leaves a nobly impression. The palate is also very fresh and balanced: a firm structure with a fruity, yet spicy and mineral expression. The long finish is undelined by a subtle mineral aftertaste and a beautiful interplay of fruity acidity.

Contents: 12.5% alc.; 6.5g/l acids and 6.0g/lresidual sugar.

CH – Chardonnay, 2011, dry.

0.75 l CZK 299

Freshness, clean fruit, flowery nose and a decent aroma of herbs and  toasts, smooth and elegant on the palate. Full and harmonious wine with a distinctive, finely spiced mineral finish.

Contents: 12.5% alc.; 6.5g/l acids and 7.5g/lresidual sugar.

SB - Sauvignon blanc, 2011, dry.

0.75 l CZK 299

A fine nose of ripe gooseberries and elder blossoms; hearty and spicy aromas of white asparagus and red peppers on the tongue – the typical attributes of the variety – are composed within harmonious firmness, intense yet pleasant. Firm, distinct, long and fine finish.

Contents: 13.5% alc., 4.0g/l acids and 7.0g/lresidual sugar.


FR – Blaufränkish

0.75 l CZK 299

Deep ruby red with violet glints, mineral spicy nose with intense aroma of berries; robust build, sappy texture with smoothness and multi-layered – all these are the attributes of this firm wine of rich tastes with a long and pleasantly gentle finish.


PÁ - Pálava

0,75 l CZK 299


0,75 l  CZK 290


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Podle zákona o evidenci tržeb je prodávající povinen vystavit kupujícímu účtenku. Zároveň je povinen zaevidovat přijatou tržbu u správce daně online; v případě technického výpadku pak nejpozději do 48 hodin.